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Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Skyline

Detroit, MI Overview

Detroit, MI Statistics

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and rests in Wayne County. It is a major port city on the Detroit River and is known as the world’s traditional auto center. The auto industry and famous music scene has earned it the nicknames The Motor City and Motown. Aside from the obvious nicknames, others have been developed over the years such as Detroit Rock City after the famous Kiss song, The D, D-Town, and Hockeytown after the native NHL team the Detroit Red Wings.

At one time Detroit was the fourth most populous city in the United States, but has dropped to the eleventh since 2008 due to mass relocation to the surrounding suburbs. The history of Detroit is rich in artistic culture including an extensive music history including live music and Motown. The movie industry has recently come back to Detroit to enjoy some of the breaks offered to studios in the process of filming. Detroit has always been known for being a culturally rich U.S. city.

Facts on Detroit, Michigan

Type : Mayoral
Council :Mayor Dave Bing

-City 143.0 sq mi (370 km2)
-Land 138.8 sq mi (359.4 km2)
Water 4.2 sq mi (10.8 km2)
-Urban 1,295 sq mi (3,354 km2)
-Metro 3,913 sq mi (10,135 km2)

Elevation 600 ft (183 m)

Population (2008)
-City 916,952
-Density 6,856/sq mi (2,647/km2)
-Urban 3,903, 377
-Metro 4,425, 110
-CSA 5,354,225