Detroit Movies

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Detroit’s Movie Industry

Detroit is the second largest city in the Midwest and has become a popular place to film movies. The city offers beautiful landscapes, waterfront views, and cultural attractions which can only be found in metropolitan cities. A recent film-incentive package has made filming in Detroit one of the best places due to the 42 percent tax incentive.

In dire need of economic stimulation, Michigan passed stronger film incentives. Local actors Jeff Daniels and Mike Binder along with Mitch Albom offered support to Michigan Rep. Bill Huizenga’s proposal. The bill consisted of a 40% cash rebate with a spending threshold of $50,000 and an extra 2% if the company films in one of the state’s 103 core communities. Aside from the cash rebate, the bill offers an investment tax credit program and a low-interest loan program.

The hope is to draw movie producers to the state and show the world the beauty that Michigan and Detroit has to offer. Waterfront views, historic metropolitan architecture, and beautiful landmarks line the city and reflects its rich cultural history. The hope in time is to once again put the city at the forefront of the performing arts. Detroit also aims to have a movie industry of its own and hopes that the package will help to jumpstart the industry.

Over 120 partial scenes have been filmed in Michigan, many of which are obscure and not well known. There are a few movies shot in Michigan that have gained a popular cult or mainstream following however. Aside from the numerous films which were either entirely filmed in Detroit or Michigan, there are also many in the process of being filmed with titles including ‘Whip It’, ‘Demoted’, ‘The Steam Experiment’, ‘Butterfly Effect 3’, and ‘Ye Olden Times’ among others.

Popular Movies Filmed in Michigan

Title Year
Beverly Hills Cop 1984
Beverly Hills Cop II 1987
Evil Dead 1982
Evil Dead II 1987
Action Jackson 1987
Midnight Run 1987
Hoffa 1992
Renaissance Man 1994
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997
Detroit Rock City 1999
Driven 2000
American Pie 2 2001
Road to Perdition 2001
8 Mile 2001
Bowling for Columbine 2002
The Island 2004
Dreamgirls 2006
Transformers (part) 2006

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